10 Best-Selling Single Malt Whiskies at Red & White Store
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10 Best-Selling Single Malt Whiskies at Red & White Store

Single malt whiskies are best enjoyed straight or on the rocks. By doing so, you can savor the actual taste of the liquor flavor. The unique malted barley flavor will surely entice your palate. There are a lot of single malt whiskies brands in the market and sometimes, you might catch yourself feeling confused by the numerous selections. 

Are you a fan of single malt whiskies who need some recommendations?… Look no further! We present you the top ten best-selling and sophisticated single malt whiskies for you to enjoy from our Red and White stores.

1. Singleton 12 Years Old

Singleton 12yrs - Single Malt Whisky - 700ml

There are two types of Singleton 12 Years Old, the one made from Dufftown and another one made from Glendullan. Being produced in different regions gives them both a distinct flavor and fragrance! Although, both of them have 40 percent ABV. The Dufftown one has a golden brown color and a smooth texture. The scent of the liquor is polished wood and hazelnut with a hint of baked apple, dates, brown sugar, and licorice aroma. After a while, you might smell pencil shavings or match sticks scent.

It has a fruity flavor with brown sugar and espresso coffee notes. You can taste a sweet and nutty flavor lingering on your tongue after drinking it. If you don’t like sweet or acidic liquor then Singleton 12 Years Old Dufftown is suitable for you! It has a balance of light sweetness and acidity. Meanwhile, Singleton 12 Years Old Glendullan has a more amber color with fruity, hazelnut, and tropical tea fragrance. There is a grassy, menthol, almonds, soy sauce, and raisin taste in the blend. If you prefer a smooth yet rich and spicy single malt whisky, then Singleton 12 Years Old Glendullan is your choice.

2. Glenfiddich 12 Years Old

Glenfiddich 12yrs - Single Malt Whisky - 700ml

This golden brown single malt whisky has a 40 percent ABV with honey, pear, green apple, white wine vinegar, caramel, sawdust, pie crust, and unsalted peanuts scent. When you take a sip of Glenfiddich 12 Years Old, you can taste caramel popcorn, fruity, stewed apple, oak, cinnamon, butterscotch, and walnut flavor with a hint of black pepper on the finish. If you prefer a mild and fruity taste single malt whisky, Glenfiddich 12 Years Old is your call!

3. Singleton Signature

Similar to Singleton 12 Years Old, Singleton Signature also has a smooth texture with 40 percent ABV. The scent of this single malt whisky is dominantly citrusy and fruity with notes of dried fruits, spice, and nuts. It has a peppery flavor with hints of cooked apples and dried fruit. You can taste a dash of nuts and spice on the finish. If you like a smooth yet rich liquor, you will like Singleton Signature!

4. Balvenie 12 Years Old Doublewood 

Balvenie 12yrs - Doublewood - Single Malt Whisky - 700ml

Balvenie 12 Years Old Doublewood has a light amber color with 40 percent ABV. The single malt whisky has honey, oak, chocolate, and fruity aroma. It is perfect for after-dinner drink. You can taste a sweet, spicy, nutty, cinnamon, sherry, fruity, and black pepper flavor in the blend. There is a sweet spice and sponge cake taste with a note of orange peel on the finish. This liquor is suitable for people who like a sweet and smooth yet rich single malt whisky type

5. Glenfiddich 15 Years Old

Glenfiddich 15yrs - Single Malt Whisky - 700ml

This single malt whisky has a golden color with a red hue and 40 percent ABV. When opening Glenfiddich 15 Years Old, you will notice honey, vanilla, dark fruits, stewed apple, and butterscotch scent. When sipping on the liquor, you can taste butterscotch, sherry oak, cinnamon, ginger, fruity, honey, nutty, clove, and buckwheat flavor in it. It has butterscotch, peppercorns, and a bitter end. Glenfiddich 15 Years Old is perfect for people who want a warm, fruity, and sweet single malt whisky.

6. Oban 14 Years Old

Oban 14yrs - Single Malt Whisky - 700ml

Unlike most single malt whiskies in the list, Oban 14 Years Old has a 43 percent ABV with a dark golden color. It has a toffee and fruity scent with a note of smoke, cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt. If you are a sweet single malt whisky fan, you will enjoy the sweet, buttercream, fruity, and spice flavor of Oban 14 Years Old. There is a touch of salty, oaky sweet, and acidic tone on the finish.

7. Glen Turner 12 Years Old

Glen Turner 12yrs - Single Malt Whisky - 700ml

Your nose will be tickled by the floral, buttery bread, vanilla, and cinnamon scent of Glen Turner 12 Years old. The single malt whisky has a smooth, salty, sweet, cinnamon flavor with an icing sugar taste in the end. It has a 40 percent ABV.

8. Glenkinchie 12 Years Old

Glenkinchie 12yrs - 700ml

Similar to Oban 14 Years Old, the golden color single malt whisky has a 43 percent ABV. You can smell fruity, barley, grassy, and apple scent with a hint of cocoa in the blend. Glenkinchie 12 Years Old has spicy, fruity, cocoa, malted barley, vanilla, and honey flavor with a citrusy and peppery taste on the finish. You might find this liquor a perfect match if you like a straightforward and strong single malt whisky type.

9. Glenmorangie The Original

Glenmorangie - Original - Single Malt Whisky - 700ml

Another single malt whisky with 43 percent ABV managed to get on the list is Glenmorangie The Original. It has a fruity, floral, malty, honey, and vanilla aroma with sweet, fruity, malty, and honey flavors. You can taste a fruity and malty taste on the finish. This single malt whisky is sweet yet balanced and refreshing!

10. Glen Elgin 12 Years Old

Glen Elgin 12yrs - Single Malt Whisky - 700ml

Last but not least, the 43 percent ABV Glen Elgin 12 Years Old! The liquor has fruity, malted barley, cinnamon, and earthy aroma with a dash of floral scent. You can get a taste of floral, woody, fruity, and spices with hints of mocha, salted butter, and orange zest when drinking this single malt whisky. On the finish, you will experience a bittersweet, nutty, and toasted barley taste. This alcoholic beverage is suitable for people who like mild single malt whisky type.

Which One Are You Interested In?

You can buy each of these single malt whiskies according to your preference. From mild to strong and sweet to smokey, you can find every selection of single malt whiskies available in our Red & White stores!

Just request for the brand that you are interested in or, if you are still unsure of which Scotch whisky will suit your taste buds, you can always ask our store assistant for recommendations. Don’t be scared to try several single malt whiskies to know which one matches your palate. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead to the Red & White Store and order your favorite Single malt whiskies now!

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