8 Vodkas You Must Try in 2021
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8 Vodkas You Must Try in 2021

Sometimes, sipping vodka can be an exciting experience. Like opening a mystery box, the flavor of vodka can be different from one person to another. This colorless spirit can have a grainy, grassy, or even creamy taste! It all depends on the brand and personal preference. But, it doesn’t hurt to get a few recommendations regarding the vodka you should be trying in 2021.

Are you to find a new vodka to complete your 2021? Then you are in the right place! If you love drinking this liquor, you must know which vodka you should try this year. Don’t miss the hype to try the latest favorite vodka in 2021 from the least to the best below!

1. Skyy Vodka

Skyy vodka manages to land in eighth place on the ‘must-try vodka 2021’ list. The unflavoured vodka has a 40% ABV and is produced in the States. Like regular vodka, it has a clear color. 

When opening the bottle, you will inhale the scent of fresh linen with notes of strawberry cake. It has a wheaty and creamy flavor with a dash of spices and powdered sugar. This vodka is suitable as a cosmopolitan and vodka martini cocktail base. If you enjoy a creamy yet refreshing vodka, Skyy Vodka is your call!


2. Belvedere 

Made in Poland, Belvedere has won a gold award in International Spirit Challenge 2021 and placed itself in seventh place in the ‘must try vodka 2021’ list. Similar to Skyy Vodka, Belvedere has a 40 percent ABV. The aroma of Belvedere’s vanilla, cream, grass, and almond skin will surely tickle your nose. 

When tasting Belvedere, your tastebuds will be enveloped with a spicy yet subtle sweet vanilla flavor. It has a creamy and nutty finish. You can feel the rich yet silky and smooth texture of the liquor. Belvedere is suitable for people who prefer a spicy yet sweet type of vodka.


3. Svedka

In sixth place on the ‘must-try vodka 2021’ list is Svedka. This 700ml Swedish liquor has a 40 percent ABV and is filtered with charcoal then filtered five times. It has a citrusy scent with a peppery and bread dough flavor. There will be a bitter and burning sensation on the finish.

Overall, Svedka is a very palatable and refreshing vodka. Moreover, the vodka is gluten-free, so if you can’t consume gluten or have a gluten-free diet, you can try drinking Svedka.


4. Beluga Celebration

Beluga Celebration is a vodka that you must try in 2021! The liquor is created as a celebration of the distillery’s 115th anniversary. It has a classy golden color design with the Beluga whale symbol on the label. Beluga Celebration has a 700ml bottle with 40 percent ABV and is made straight from the homeland of vodka, Russia. Not only charcoal but the spirit is also filtered with ‘impregnated silver’ and sand. The water for the vodka is taken from 300 meters deep wells.

The sweet yet spicy scent will hit your nose when you smell the liquor. You can taste a sweet, honey, citrusy, and spicy flavor while sipping on the spirit. The vodka has a clean taste and pairs well with caviar.


5. Ciroc Vodka

The next ‘must try vodka 2021’ is Ciroc Vodka. Unlike Beluga Celebration, the spirit is produced in France. The flavored vodka has a 750ml bottle with 40 percent ABV. Ciroc vodka is made from frozen grapes in the Galiac and Cognac area instead of grains like rye, barley, or wheat. The liquor is cold-fermented into wine and distilled five times. You will find a citrusy scent from the vodka.

Ciroc Vodka has a sweet grape, orange, and anise taste with a clean finish. If you like fruity flavor vodka, you will be hooked on this liquor. You can enjoy it in your free time or sip it on special occasions with friends and family.


6. Poliakov Vodka

The third position on the ‘must-try vodka 2021’ list is Poliakov Vodka with a 700ml bottle and 40 percent ABV. Similar to Beluga Celebration, the liquor also originated from Russia and is distilled three times.

The spirit has attained various awards, including silver medals in International Wine & Spirit Competition and International Spirits Challenge. Poliakov Vodka has a pear and tropical fruits scent with a neat taste and finish. You can sip the vodka straight on rocks or mix it into cocktails, like bloody Mary.


7. Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Tito Handmade Vodka has climbed its way to second place on the ‘must-try vodka 2021’ list. The liquor is 40 percent ABV. The spirit is made from corn and is gluten-free, so you can still enjoy the vodka if you can’t ingest gluten or have a gluten-free diet.

Uniquely, Tito’s Handmade Vodka is distilled six times in pot stills and filtered with activated charcoal. The liquor producing process is similar to the single malt scotches and French cognacs making procedure. The spirit has a sweet corn aroma with a sweet and smooth taste. This vodka pairs well as a martini cocktail base. Tito’s Handmade Vodka is suitable for people who like a sweet type of vodka.


8. Grey Goose Original Vodka

Last but not least, the first place on the ‘must-try vodka 2021’ list is Grey Goose Original Vodka. You can find the French liquor almost anywhere! It has a 40 percent ABV and is made from French wheat. The liquor is considered one of the best vodkas out there.

There is a floral scent when you sniff on the spirit. You can savor a sweet and smooth taste with a hint of toffee on the finish while sipping on Grey Goose Original Vodka. Making the liquor as a base for cocktails, like a vodka soda or vodka martini is recommended. But you can always enjoy it straight on rocks.


Rock Your 2021 With the Best Vodka!

As a fan of vodka, it is a must for you to try one or even all of the liquor in the ‘must try vodka 2021’ list. Lucky for you, these vodkas are available in the Red & White store! Just pop in the nearest liquor store and ask the store assistant for your vodka preference.

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