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The Red Wine Diet

Although alcoholic drinks are more often than not associated with an unhealthy life, there is no denying that red wine has its health benefits. This may get you thinking of consuming red wine more regularly. You may be seeking to reap the full positives of antioxidants for better heart health. Well, a book published in 2006 claimed that it’s not just heart health which can be positively affected by red wine; you can actually lose weight too! The Red Wine Diet was written by Robert Corder. It details how a limited consumption of red wine can lead to weight loss. This got many to board the train of the diet. However, is it really feasible? Would it be healthy in the long run, and what are the repercussions, if any?

What Is The Red Wine Diet?

The book details a series of meal plans, incorporated with a limited intake of red wine each day.

Although there is scientific research which went into the contents of the book, the idea of a red wine diet itself started out as an accident. A man named Art McDermott went on vacation, during which he indulged in food and wine. He expected to gain a few pounds, but when he returned, he ended up losing weight!

Research was conducted afterwards. He investigated how this would be possible, taking into consideration the proven health benefits of wine and the way other known diets worked.

The discovery showed that in most diets, meal plans failed to include elements which would activate the Activated Protein Kinase (APMK) enzyme, which improves metabolism and burns fat. Furthermore, it was found that red wine has the ability to boost AMPK.

Nutritional Value of Red Wine

Aside from AMPK, red wine has other nutritional values. One serving of red is equivalent to 5 ounces, and contains the following:

  • 0g of protein
  • 0g of fat
  • 125 calories
  • 1g of sugar
  • 4g of carbs
  • 16g of alcohol

Of course, these numbers would differ depending on the type of wine.

Is The Red Wine Diet Feasible For Weight Loss?

Having noted the above nutritional values, there are certainly areas where red wine could contribute to weight loss. However, research into this issue needs further invstigation. It’s unclear whether there are more pros than cons.

On the plus side, red wine does contain AMPK. Antioxidants and resveratrol can also control blood sugar levels, which by extension may result in weight loss. However there are also notable cons.

At the end of the day, what matters is the amount of wine being consumed each day. Excessive drinking can lead to more detriment instead of benefits. In fact, it can actually end up causing weight gain instead of loss.

Additionally, alcohol contains more calories than a serving of carbohydrates. Because the red wine diet incorporates food and alcohol, it still results in more calorie intake no matter the limited amount consumed.

Red Wine Diet Tips

If it doesn’t seem like the meal plans in the book is are for you, there are other ways you can involve red wine in your diet while still keeping your health in check.

A. Stay Away From Dessert Wines

These are wines like port, sherry, and madeira. Dessert wines tend to be sweeter, as they contain more calories and sugar.

B. One Serving a Day

It always bears repeating: drink in moderation! The only way to reap the benefits of red wine is to consume no more than one serving a day. This is equal to 5 ounces.

C. Take Note of Your Calorie Intake

There are plenty of meal tracking apps that can help you keep track of your calorie intake. If it seems you still have room for calories, then you can try having one serving of wine a day and seeing what happens.

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