Unhealthy Drinking Habits You Should Avoid
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Unhealthy Drinking Habits You Should Avoid

Although drinking may be enjoyable, there is no denying that the aftermath is less than beneficial to the body. We’re not just talking about hangovers; we’re talking about long-term health risks, too. While the solution to this is to drink in moderation, there are also some unhealthy drinking habits you can stay away from in order to avoid any unwanted consequences. Take note of these tips so that you can live a healthy life and still enjoy the occasional drinking nights out!

Avoid drinking too much liquor

Among all the alcoholic beverages available, liquors are the ones with the highest alcohol by volume content. Beers come in at below 10%, wines are anywhere between 12% to 15%, and liquors contain over 35% alcohol.

For this reason, it’s good to avoid having too much liquor regularly. Alcohol in your bloodstream makes your liver fight to rid your blood of toxins. Additionally, its calorie contents will also build up in the blood. More alcohol means that your liver and kidneys work harder than they should. A high liquor intake could lead to fatal illnesses like diabetes, hepatitis, heart disease, and cancer.

Avoid the “eating’s cheating” myth

The claim that drinking on an empty stomach gets you drunker quicker isn’t scientifically proven. You don’t need to drink on an empty stomach to have a good time. If you succumb to the myth, it’s not just the nausea the next day that you’ll be suffering. You may actually be putting yourself at risk of serious diseases.

When you have no food in your stomach to cushion the blow of alcohol, your body absorbs the drink a lot quicker. This can result in an increase in alcohol level in your bloodstream, and even alcohol poisoning.

Drinking on an empty stomach is never advised, but if you do end up doing this, make sure you consume water. Pace yourself, and drink a good amount of water in between top ups. Otherwise, as much as possible, eat before drinking.

Stay hydrated

Hydration is perhaps the most important part of your night out. Too much alcohol in your system can cause dehydration, which can lead to a slew of other health inconveniences, including a raging hangover the morning after.

If you keep drinking water alongside your alcohol throughout the night, you have more chances of successfully preventing fatigue, constipation and headaches the next day.

Try your best not to binge drink or chug

You may think that binge drinking alone at home is safe, but it’s definitely not the best drinking habit for your general health. The rule of thumb is to drink moderately and pace yourself. Binge drinking is the quickest way to get the alcohol to your head, but it’s also going to make you dizzier and vomit quicker.

Additionally, the act of chugging back drinks may be fun in the moment, but this strains your body into processing more alcohol than it can take. You not only get intoxicated quicker; you’re also risking alcohol poisoning.

Don’t drink before or after exercising

The only hydration you need before and after a workout session is good ol’ H2O. Avoid alcoholic drinks if you’re planning to exercise, as this will only do more harm than good.

As discussed, alcohol leads to dehydration, which would mean an ineffective workout session overall. You’ll also be more likely to experience cramps during your session, which is dangerous if you’re doing things like heavy lifting. A lack of bodily coordination is also in the cards if you choose to knock back a glass or two before hitting the gym.

If you choose to drink after, you’re not allowing your body to properly recover after your workout. While exercise can be cathartic, there is no denying that it puts your body under a lot of stress. You know that soreness you often experience after an intense workout? Well, drinking alcohol afterwards might have you in pain for longer than necessary, as the alcohol slows down the body’s recovery.


Whether it’s avoiding excessive liquor intake, debunking myths about drinking on an empty stomach, staying hydrated throughout the night, or refraining from binge drinking and chugging, taking care of yourself should always be a priority. And when you’re ready to stock up on your favorite liquors, remember to visit our liquor store, Red & White Shop, where you’ll find a curated selection of premium spirits to elevate your drinking experience responsibly.

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