Cocktail Foam: The Secret Ingredient Every Bartender Needs
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Cocktail Foam: The Secret Ingredient Every Bartender Needs

When serving cocktails, it’s not just about the taste. It’s also about presentation! One of the ongoing trends in the cocktail world has to do with presentation. Many bartenders have started adding foam on top of their cocktails. Not only does cocktail foam make the drink look a lot more impressive, it also adds a unique texture and flavour to it. But what exactly is cocktail foam? Why should anyone make cocktails with foam? And how is it made? Well, read on to find out!

What is cocktail foam?

Cocktail foam is a light, frothy layer that sits on top of a drink. It’s made by mixing egg whites, gelatin, or foaming agents with the ingredients of the cocktail. The foam is poured on top of the drink, creating a creamy, velvety texture.

Cocktail foam doesn’t only come in white. It can be made in various colours and flavours, making it a versatile ingredient for bartenders to experiment with.

Why is foam added to cocktails?

Bartenders choose to add foam to their cocktails for several reasons.

Firstly, it’s to enhance the cocktail’s visual appeal. A well-crafted foam on top of a drink can make it look more elegant and refined.

Second, foam adds unique textures to a cocktail. When mixed together, the richness of the foam ingredients can make the cocktail taste more decadent.

Finally, foam that is infused with different flavours can also make the cocktail more tasty, adding a whole new dimension to the flavour profile.

How is cocktail foam made?

There are several ways to make cocktail foam, but let’s take a look at the two main ones.

Using egg whites

Egg foams are the most common method to create cocktail foam. Typically, bartenders would add an egg white into a shaker that contains all the ingredients of the drink. Then, the mixture is shaken until it’s warm. Afterwards, add ice into the shaker, and shake again in order to chill the drink.

Using a foaming agent

If you’re skeptical about adding raw egg whites into a drink, you can also use a foaming agent to create your cocktail foam. Soy lecithin or agar agar are great replacements for egg whites. Add them into the cocktail ingredients, and proceed to blend everything together using a hand blender or milk frother until it foams up.

How is flavour added into cocktail foam?

Adding flavour into cocktail foam is a great way to create a unique cocktail experience. To add flavour, the foam is usually infused with herbs, spices, fruit juices, or syrup. For example, bartenders will add a dash of lavender syrup to create a foam with a floral taste and aroma.

You can also experiment with different fruits and berries to create fruity flavoured foam. Simply blend the ingredients with the egg whites or foaming agent, and strain them before incorporating them into your cocktail.

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