Red & White Farmers Market Jababeka

Store Description

Red & White at Farmers Market Jababeka – Skip the groceries and go straight to us!

Opening Hours

  • Sunday 8AM-10PM (WIB)
  • Monday 8AM-10PM (WIB)
  • Tuesday 8AM-10PM (WIB)
  • Wednesday 8AM-10PM (WIB)
  • Thursday 8AM-10PM (WIB)
  • Friday 8AM-10PM (WIB)
  • Saturday 8AM-10PM (WIB)

Store Type

Farmer’s Market is a supermarket chain by parent company, Ranch Market. The store offers a diverse array of fresh produce and high-quality pantry goods. You can find our Red & White store in any of these Farmer’s Market locations below.


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Jl. H. Usmar Ismail, Mekarmukti, Cikarang Utara, Sertajaya, Kec. Cikarang Tim., Bekasi, Jawa Barat 17530

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