Red & White Farmers Market Palembang Trade Center

Store Description

Palembang Trade Center or PTC is a shopping center and office area in the city of Palembang. PTC was built in 2004 which is located at Jalan R. Sukamto No. 8 and is operated by PT. Pandawalima Halim Bersama.

Imported products mixed with local warm hospitality. Drop by our store at Farmers Market Palembang Trade Center on the lower ground level.

Opening Hours

  • Monday 9AM - 10PM
  • Tuesday 9AM - 10PM
  • Wednesday 9AM - 10PM
  • Thursday 9AM - 10PM
  • Friday 9AM - 10PM
  • Saturday 9AM - 10PM
  • Sunday 9AM - 10PM

Store Type

Farmer’s Market is a supermarket chain by parent company, Ranch Market. The store offers a diverse array of fresh produce and high-quality pantry goods. You can find our Red & White store in any of these Farmer’s Market locations below.



PTC Mall LG Floor, Jl. R. Sukamto No. 8A, 8 Ilir, Ilir Timur II, Kota Palembang, Sumatera Selatan 30114

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